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So i have decided to do fundraising on behalf of Youth Suicide Prevention Ireland and i though it would be a good idea to do a skydive but in order to do this i need to rais at least a minimum of 500€ i am also planning on doing something further to rais money but i need everyones help for this.

I would be really grateful if everyone could please donate and share this so we can pass the message on and hopefully help as many people as we can. I know that most people will know someone who has gone through something like this or someone who has gone through it themselves  and I would be very grateful for your support in helping me meet my personal target. 

if you would like to donate €4.00 over text, you can text: YSPI SAS2466 to 50300.  You can text as many times as you would like and 100% of the moneys goes to youth suicide prevention.

Please sponsor me by also using the Sponsor Me button below.


Many thanks.

Aimee Coogan


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