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Hello Everyone!

Thank you for visiting my Campaign Page.

I am fundraising on behalf of Youth Suicide Prevention Ireland and I would be very grateful for your support in helping me meet my personal target.

Ireland has an exceptionally high rate of suicides among young people aged between 18 and 24, with young males being most at risk. 
As Ireland's teen suicide rate is the fourth highest in the EU, Youth Suicide Prevention Ireland are working to raise awareness by visiting schools and colleges and giving workshops at no cost to schools. By raising money for their campaign we can help cover costs so they can help to save young people's lives.


Most families in Ireland have been affected by suicide in some shape or form. In 2011, John Daniel took his life after we left secondary school in West Cork. It was a shock to everyone, which is why we need to raise awareness and know the signs, because suicide is preventable.


Please sponsor me using the Sponsor Me button below.


Many thanks,

Ivy Lloyd


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      €5      donated by dora on Thursday 3rd August 2017
      "good luck little ivy! a big big hug, you are super!"

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