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Leah Hickey

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   A message from Leah

Hi everyone. 

First off thank you for visiting my Campaign Page. YSPI charity schedules workshops all around Ireland in order to raise awareness and positive mental health in order to try and help avoid suicide aswell as having a helpline. Ireland has the third highest suicide rate in the EU. To help prevent this please donate.

You'd donations will not go towards me skydiving if I raise €500 with your help then I get a free skydive in return. 

Please share my page with your friends and family. 

You can donate below (online) or you can text YSPI SAS2306 to 50300 to make a €4 donation to my Campaign. If you prefer to make a donation offline I also have sponsorship cards. 

Thank you so so much, 

Leah Hickey 


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My Goal    €500.00
My Donations    €205
My Balance    +€295.00
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      €205      donated by Clare McInnerny on Friday 8th September 2017
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