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Thank you for visiting my Campaign Page.


As a long term suffer of depression, self harm & suicidal thoughts in the past, it's not only for a good cause, but it gives me a reason to be active, a reason to lose weight, and a goal to aim towards and something to achieve.


I'm aiming to raise as much as posible by September 2017, so feel free to share the post to friends and family, as it affects everyone involved.


Even as little as 1euro, it soon adds up.


I am fundraising on behalf of Youth Suicide Prevention Ireland and I would be very grateful for your support in helping me meet my personal target.


Please sponsor me using the Sponsor Me button below.


Many thanks.

James ~(AKA Twitch.TV Affiliate - UnknownXILE)


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My Goal    €1,000.00
My Donations    €445
My Balance    +€555.00
My Donors    10 Donors

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      €100      donated by James Loveridge on Thursday 31st August 2017
      "Transfer of sponsors"

      €15      donated by Ann O Shea on Tuesday 5th September 2017
      "Hopefully this will get you closer to target if not over it x"

      €10      donated by James Finnegan on Tuesday 5th September 2017
      "Wish it could be more James but wishing you every success. It will be a wonderful experience"

      €10      donated by Fiona MCSweeney on Tuesday 5th September 2017
      "Sorry its not much but very best of luck x "

      €20      donated by Ron Doody on Wednesday 6th September 2017
      "Great cause best of luck bud"

      €20      donated by Bryan Carr on Wednesday 6th September 2017
      "Best of Luck James....Great cause"

      €5      donated by sandra byrne on Wednesday 6th September 2017
      "Have fun!!! Sorry it's not much. Best of luck James 😊"