Why we need your help?

Fotolia 44037348 SYouth  Suicide Prevention Ireland urgently need funds to continue to fund our dedicated Schools Outreach Team who provide our "Four Steps to Help" Suicide Awareness and Prevention talks for schools and interested organisations in 2019.  As you can imagine providing suicide awareness and prevention information directly to young people in a safe and supportive environment are critical to helping to reduce that frighteningly high rates of youth suicide in Ireland.

With your help we can increase the number of talks that we are able to provide and this vital service to more schools, colleges and youth organisations.  One skydive can fund an additional school visit, which means up to 300 additional students can be trained in mental health awareness and suicide prevention.

During Christmas 2017 there was a 700% increase in the number of crisis information requests using our FreeText Service, Schools Portal and Online enquiry forms.  One skydive can fund the response to 1000 additional crisis information requests

Why should you consider supporting us?

With your help we can increase the number of talks that we are able to provide, the number of schools we can visit and the number of lives we can help to save.

Our Four Steps to Help Programme has been specifically developed by YSPI and approved by our Advisory Board as age appropriate for ages 16+ which allows us to provide a frontline service to young people.  These talks are 100% funded by YSPI as part of our outreach work and there is no cost to the school or organisation to book and host a talk.


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