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Registrations are now open all year for our Skydive For Life. The Irish Parachute Club will be running skydives every weekend right through the winter (weather permitting) so please register for this amazing experience and help fund our life saving programmes for youth mental health and suicide prevention.
Thank you for your support.

For Prevention, For Youth, For Life

Ireland still has one of the highest reported rates of death by suicide in the European Union with young males under 21 being most at risk but children as young as 9 years old have died by suicide too. Our experience is that the actual rate is much higher, and almost no school or community in the country is untouched by losing someone to suicide.

We want to invite you to join the Skydive For Life 2021.  Skydiving is an amazing experience as you freefall through the clouds and see the stunning Irish countryside stretching away to the horizon. By raising sponsorship for your Skydive For Life you will be helping Youth Suicide Prevention Ireland to fund our programmes for 2021.

Due to the huge increase in mental health issues since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic all funds raised from the Skydive For Life are going towards our Youth Crisis Counselling Service which will pay for fast, free, access to local counsellors and psychologists for young people in crisis or at immediate risk of suicide or self-harm.

Joining this amazing challenge will help us to raise at least €50,000 during the remainder of 2020-2021 to:

Fund 800 hours of crisis counselling
Facilitate fast access to counselling services for families in crisis
Fund counselling support for schools with students in crisis
Fund counselling referrals from GPs with patients at risk of suicide.

You can help us in our vital, life-saving work, and amaze yourself with one of the most thrilling experiences you can have, by joining Skydive For Life 2021 .

"YSPI, saving lives through education"

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