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Irish Parachute Club

The Irish Parachute Club (IPC) are our prefered skydive providers. We have worked with them for 8 years and we have found them to be highly professional with a total emphasis on safety first.

Clonbullogue Airfield is a small Irish airport located about 2 kilometres (1.2 mi) west of Clonbollogue and 6 NM (11 km; 6.9 mi) south of Edenderry in County Offaly, Ireland. It is owned and operated by the Irish Parachute Club which is based at the field. The airfield has one grass runway which is the largest grass runway in Europe running east – west which is 770 by 18 m (2,526 by 59 ft). Six aircraft are based at the field, most of them owned by the Irish Parachute Club. There is usually busy parachuting at weekends and public holidays so flying restrictions are enforced around this area.

The Irish Parachute Club has 56 years experience of sport parachuting. In excess of 12,000 jumps are made annually at our club, which is run by skydivers for skydivers. We train people from first jump to International Competition Levels. After your first jump we at the Irish Parachute Club hope you will continue in the exciting sport of skydiving and the associated social life which has an international dimension. They have our own fleet of aircraft and use the most modern up to date parachuting equipment.

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