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Why should I support YSPI?

During 2022 our facilitators will work, face to face by video link, with over 12,500 secondary school students in around 70 new schools around the country.

We are the only youth-orientated national suicide charity and we work just for young people up to 22 years of age. You can work with us to support our services and your school community by helping to fund our dedicated Schools Outreach Team who provide our "Four Steps to Help" Suicide Awareness and Prevention talks for schools and interested organisations.

As you can imagine providing suicide awareness and prevention information directly to young people in a safe and supportive environment is critical to helping to reduce the frighteningly high rates of youth suicide in Ireland. With your help we can increase the number of talks that we are able to provide and bring this vital service to more schools, colleges and youth organisations.

Through our awareness and prevention work all across the country we are able to provide resources for young people, their friends, families, teachers, coaches and many more concerned people so that they all have the vital information they need to detect the early signs of pre-suicidal behaviours and help prevent more young deaths.

As part of our outreach work YSPI provides :-

training resources to schools, colleges and youth organisations
in-class talks to transition year and leaving year students
easy to follow suicide prevention programmes
24/7 crisis information services
research and attitude surveys amongst young people

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