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   A message from Wayne

Thank you for visiting my Campaign Page.


I am fundraising on behalf of Youth Suicide Prevention Ireland and I would be very grateful for your support in helping me meet my personal target. This is something that sadly that has affected everyone is some shape our form. So please help me and the Youth of Ireland DONATE!

I am doing this as I am trying really hard to push myself to over-come one of my biggest fears and in the process help a charity that is so close to my heart! Anyone that knows me, will know how much this means to me. Anyone I have been talking too, keep saying "oh my god your mad, jumping out of a plane." My response to them all is that " Oh no see you are WRONG there, I am not JUMPING out of a plane. Someone will most defo PUSHING me out of the PLANE! So I would really really appreciate if everyone could donate something, everything helps! Even if its a text for 4 euro.      Text          YSPI SAS3188 to 50300 and it will take 4 euro out of your credit, since can only be done (ONCE in 24 hours), so if you want to do it more then once, wait and do it again. Please and thank you in advance. I have sponors cards too if you want to do it that way or your can just hit the "Sponsor Me" and just do it direct from your card!

Thank you again so very much.


Please sponsor me using the Sponsor Me button below.


Many thanks.

Wayne Reynolds


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My Goal    €750.00
My Donations    €2560
My Balance    +€1,810.00
My Donors    25 Donors

Sponsor Me by Text

It's quick and simple to TEXT YSPI SFL3059 to 50300 to make an immediate €4.00 text donation to my Campaign. (Text costs €4. Youth Suicide Prevention Ireland will receive a minimum of €3.25. Service Provider: LIKECHARITY. Helpline: 076 6805278.) 100% of the value of your text donation will come directly to YSPI and be added to my campaign total. Text donations are anonymous so your receipt will be issued by the mobile operator on behalf of YSPI

[OPTIONAL] It really helps me to know who sent text donations so, if you can, please add your initials or first name at the end of the donation text. For example YSPI SFL3059 ASHLING.

Text2Donate information comes to us from the mobile operators and usually takes 24-48 hours to be added to this account. For example text donations made on Monday should show on this account by Wednesday evening.

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      €24      donated by Wayne Reynolds on Sunday 13th May 2018
      "Text2Donate funds received on account"

      €4      donated by Wayne Reynolds on Monday 14th May 2018
      "Text2Donate funds received on account"

      €80      donated by Wayne reynolds on Thursday 17th May 2018
      "Boston people!"

      €20      donated by Sylvia Reynolds on Friday 18th May 2018
      "Have fun cant wait to see the video"

      €4      donated by Wayne Reynolds on Friday 18th May 2018
      "Text2Donate funds received on account"

      €220      donated by wayne reynolds on Friday 25th May 2018
      "pub and stuff."

      €198      donated by wayne reynolds on Friday 25th May 2018
      "Pub and Stuff"

      €50      donated by Wayne reynolds on Thursday 31st May 2018
      "Boston people!"

      €405      donated by Wayne reynolds on Thursday 7th June 2018
      "Eileen Casey's gang! Boston scientific people."

      €4      donated by Wayne Reynolds on Tuesday 12th June 2018
      "Text2Donate funds received on account"

      €130      donated by Wayne reynolds on Thursday 14th June 2018
      "More Boston people & lauraines friends "

      €10      donated by Ashleigh ahern on Saturday 16th June 2018

      €30      donated by Ann Walsh on Thursday 5th July 2018
      " Best of luck wayne"

      €750      donated by Wayne reynolds on Friday 20th July 2018
      "All different groups"

      €10      donated by Caitriona Burke on Friday 20th July 2018
      "Best of luck Wayne!! Have fun & enjoy the view!!! X"

      €20      donated by aoife Keohane on Sunday 22nd July 2018
      "Best of look babes xxx"

      €151      donated by Wayne on Friday 27th July 2018
      "Everyone.. 👬👫😘"

      €10      donated by Danielle Curtin on Saturday 28th July 2018
      "Best of luck Wayne"