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Thank you for visiting my Campaign Page. I am fundraising on behalf of Youth Suicide Prevention Ireland and I would be very grateful for your support in helping me meet my personal target.

You can sponsor me by credit card or by bank deposit using the buttons below. You can also text a €4 donation to my campaign and details are shown below as well.

Thank you so much for your support
Best Wishes

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My Goal    €500.00
My Donations    €210
My Balance    +€290.00
My Donors    9 Donors

Messages from my Sponsors AYH7S3G0WVHQ>

      €5      donated by Dominic Mannion on Thursday 16th January 2020
      "Hopefully they didn’t get the parachute from a charity shop 😂"

      €10      donated by Kath Mccarthy on Thursday 16th January 2020
      "Good luck Graham"

      €30      donated by Peter Daly on Thursday 16th January 2020
      "Good on ya graham"

      €20      donated by Kathryn Burke on Thursday 16th January 2020
      "Break a leg"

      €5      donated by Kieran Parrott on Friday 17th January 2020
      "Think of me when your parachute doesn't open "

      €10      donated by Lynsey Lackenby on Friday 17th January 2020
      "Good on ya x"

      €100      donated by Graham Daly on Friday 7th February 2020
      "Transfer from Facebook Fundraiser - Aishling Whelan"

      €10      donated by Gearóid Daly on Monday 9th March 2020
      "Fair play tya biyyy💪"

      €20      donated by Leon Tighe on Thursday 21st May 2020
      "Fair play kid great cause. "