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Aaron Martin's Skydive For Life

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Aaron Martin's Campaign

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I am taking part in the Skydive For Life 2023

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   A message from Aaron

Thank you for visiting my Campaign Page. I am fundraising on behalf of Youth Suicide Prevention Ireland and I would be very grateful for your support in helping me meet my personal target.

You can sponsor me by credit card or by bank deposit using the buttons below. You can also text a €4 donation to my campaign and details are shown below as well.

Thank you so much for your support
Best Wishes


  My Target

  My Campaign

My Goal    €550.00
My Donations    €500
My Balance    +€50.00
My Donors    33 Donors

  My QR Code

Please download and share my QR Code which links to this campaign page

Sponsor Me by Text

It's quick and simple to TEXT YSPI SFL6674 to 50300 to make an immediate €4.00 text donation to my Campaign. (Text costs €4. Youth Suicide Prevention Ireland will receive a minimum of €3.60. Service Provider: LIKECHARITY. Helpline: 076 6805278.) The full value of your text donation will come directly to YSPI and be added to my campaign total. Text donations are anonymous so your receipt will be issued by the mobile operator on behalf of YSPI

[OPTIONAL] It really helps me to know who sent text donations so, if you can, please add your initials or first name at the end of the donation text. For example YSPI SFL6674 ASHLING.

Text2Donate information comes to us from the mobile operators and usually takes 24-48 hours to be added to this account. For example text donations made on Monday should show on this account by Wednesday evening.

Messages from my Sponsors T707JNWI3PIC>

      Supported by Glenn on Saturday 11th December 2021
      "We'll do this together some Day xx"

      Supported by Glenn on Monday 20th December 2021
      "Love u kid"

      Supported by Glenn on Thursday 23rd December 2021
      "Hope Ur parachute work's"

      Supported by Philip on Thursday 23rd December 2021
      "You only live 1"

      Supported by Stephen on Thursday 30th December 2021
      "Best of Luck with the sky dive guys and we’ll done on raising money for such a great cause ☺️👌"

      Supported by Jessica on Sunday 2nd January 2022
      "Thanks for raising awareness for such an important cause, Aaron! 💕✨"

      Supported by Sean on Sunday 16th January 2022
      "Best of luck Aaron "

      Supported by Glenn of on Tuesday 18th January 2022
      "Well done Aaron +dad From Missy 🐕.A Very noble cause"

      Supported by Glenn on Friday 21st January 2022
      "Good man Aaron"

      Supported by Glenn on Friday 21st January 2022
      "10 euro From Martina Casey +family Douglas. "

      Supported by Glenn on Sunday 30th January 2022
      "From, John.and Girls "Good manAaron""

      Supported by Glenn on Saturday 19th February 2022
      "From Shane , 🙂 well down Aaron"

      Supported by Glenn on Thursday 24th February 2022
      "Love you dad"

      Supported by Jan on Sunday 27th February 2022

      Supported by Glenn on Thursday 9th June 2022
      "Getting there'"

      Supported by Glenn on Monday 13th June 2022
      "Love you dad"

      Supported by Glenn on Tuesday 5th July 2022
      "Love dad"

      Supported by Glenn on Tuesday 19th July 2022
      "From Emma ? Arturo "

      Supported by Glenn on Tuesday 19th July 2022
      "Getting there "

      Supported by Glenn on Tuesday 9th August 2022
      "Love u"

      Supported by Glenn on Thursday 18th August 2022
      "Have a great day "

      Supported by Glenn on Thursday 18th August 2022
      "Love you "

      Supported by Glennkearney@Hotmail.Com on Tuesday 8th November 2022
      "Love from the people "

      Supported by Glenn on Wednesday 9th November 2022
      "From Ernesto "

      Supported by Glenn on Thursday 10th November 2022
      "Take a parachute "

      Supported by Glenn on Thursday 10th November 2022
      "Love dad"

      Supported by Glenn on Thursday 10th November 2022
      "From Lily "