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Tadgh O' Leary Ashford

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To anyone kind enough to take the time to read this. 

It's a fact. Almost everyone has been affected by suicide in some way. Not necessarily someone directly conected with us, but we still see the terrible mark it leaves in people's lives. 

Suicide and depression rates are at an all time high in Ireland. It needs to be stopped. And this includes the youth. A lot of teenagers are going through tough times and need to be helped.

The work the YSPI are doing is incredible and hopefully my campaign can help them. So please, help sponsor me, as I can not express how important this is.

There is a PayPal link you can use below. It is 100% secure and the money is handled by professionals. Any size donation helps so much.


I am part of a group of five others and between us we hope to raise over 3000 euro. Please help make this possible


Tadgh O' Leary Ashford


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