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Gabriela Klan's Skydive For Life

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I am taking part in the Skydive For Life 2024

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   A message from Gabriela

I am fundraising on behalf of Youth Suicide Prevention Ireland and this is my story: I have started this campaign a couple of years ago, because I wanted to do a little good, haven't actually done the jump just yet. I have never thought that suicide could "happen" to me and then all the sudden, my life was changed forever.

August 14, 2022 it was a Sunday like every other. Late evening my phone was ringing, it was my sister calling me from Romania. I can still hear the trembling in her voice when she said Gabrielle, mum hanged herself. It was like a bad joke, I remember repeating No, no, no, she did not! My sister said she did it, I am here. Dad found her in the shed and cut the rope, the paramedics are here trying to resuscitate her for the third time. It happened almost a year ago, and I know it probably sounds silly, but I still can't believe that she's gone. A friend of mine said to me that the victim's pain ends with suicide, but it's the beginning of endless suffering for all the loved ones left behind. She was kept alive for five days, hooked up to machines. I'm not going to go into describing the horrors of seeing her like that in the hospital and the police investigation that we were put through while we were losing her. We agreed to donate her viable organs because that's what she would've wanted. She was the kind of person who would help anybody and everybody with the little that she had. My mum saved three people's lives in her death.

I want you to know that she was the best mother she could've been! She raised me and my sister to be hardworking, humble, respectful, kind, honest and not to hurt anybody because life is hard enough as it is. Her family was very poor. She lost her father due to a serious illness when she was just a child and was raised by an abusive alcoholic workaholic mother who never really cared for her. She lived with chronic pain and depression her entire life. She deserved a happy ending, which never came. 
For me the hardest part in coping with her suicide is that for the rest of the world it's like nothing has ever happened, life goes on, but for me and my family nothing will ever be the same again. I'm tormenting myself constantly with all the could've should've would've that I didn't do to save her, all the questions to which the answers never come, the guilt I have to live with for the rest of my life, the constant fear of rejection and abandonment, all the things that remain unsaid forever, the goodbye I didn't get the chance to have and of course the ever present sadness and grief. If I could, I would give my life to bring her back. But I can't. 
So please, if you can, give someone the chance to get HELP to save themselves from suicide. Give someone a chance to spare their loved ones from this endless suffering. You can sponsor by credit card or by bank deposit using the buttons below. You can also text a €4 donation to my campaign and details are shown below as well.

Thank you so much for your support
Best Wishes


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My Goal    €700.00
My Donations    €760
My Balance    +€60.00
My Donors    22 Donors

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Sponsor Me by Text

It's quick and simple to TEXT YSPI SFL6173 to 50300 to make an immediate €4.00 text donation to my Campaign. (Text costs €4. Youth Suicide Prevention Ireland will receive a minimum of €3.60. Service Provider: LIKECHARITY. Helpline: 076 6805278.) The full value of your text donation will come directly to YSPI and be added to my campaign total. Text donations are anonymous so your receipt will be issued by the mobile operator on behalf of YSPI

[OPTIONAL] It really helps me to know who sent text donations so, if you can, please add your initials or first name at the end of the donation text. For example YSPI SFL6173 ASHLING.

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Messages from my Sponsors EPKXXMX8L32B>

      Supported by Siobhan on Tuesday 21st July 2020
      "Best of luck Gabriela!"

      Supported by Nikki on Wednesday 22nd July 2020
      "Hi Gabriela, the very best of luck with this great idea. You are doing a great thing. Nikki xx"

      Supported by Trevor on Wednesday 12th August 2020
      "Well done for doing this brave venture. You should be extremely proud of yourself. Best of luck x"

      Supported by Charlie on Tuesday 25th August 2020
      "Gabriela, what a beautiful thing you are doing for a very worthy cause, although I wouldn't expect anything less from a beautiful person! I am delighted to contribute to such a great and needed organisation Charlie lee"

      Supported by Nabla on Monday 31st August 2020
      "Best of Luck Gabs 😘❤️"

      Supported by Nichola on Tuesday 1st September 2020
      "V worthy cause - best of luck Gabi! "

      Supported by Mary on Wednesday 2nd September 2020
      "Best of luck Nábla mother"

      Supported by Audrey on Monday 14th September 2020
      "Best of luck Gabriela. Hope yo get someone hunky to cling to :-)"

      Supported by Sean on Thursday 1st April 2021
      "Great cause, amazing awesome Gabriela, hope you get a Chippendale for an instructor"

      Supported by Dave on Thursday 29th July 2021
      "Dave generously donated in cash and when I asked him if he has a message for me, he just went:”F**k off! I’ll see you driving into work tomorrow morning at 08:30 sharp” 😆 Thank you for your generous donation Dave! "

      Supported by Paul on Friday 30th July 2021
      "Good Luck 👍 "

      Supported by Alan on Friday 30th July 2021
      "Hi Gabriela, Best of luck with the skydive on Sunday, hope you enjoy it. Its for a very good cause, well done. Alan."

      Supported by Anne on Tuesday 4th July 2023
      "Beautifully said about your Mum Gabriela and well done on taking action to help others. x"